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Student Enrollment

East Guernsey Parents,

Please follow the links provided below regarding Preschool Registration, Kindergarten Registration, and Open Enrollment application.  For your convenience, we are providing the contact information of the person handling this process.

Link to Online Student Registration – Click here for link

  1. Log in to Oneview and complete the registration application.
  2. Wait to hear from the appropriate personnel.
  3. Contact the appropriate personnel with questions.

Link to Open Enrollment Application – Click Here for Application

  1. Print and complete the application.
  2. Email to the contact below
  3. If you are not capable of 1 and 2, please contact the appropriate personnel.

Preschool Contacts:

Lori Paden

     740-489-5190 ext. 1526

Kaila Mazgaj

     740-489-5190 ext. 1509

Kindergarten and New Student Enrollment Contact:

Jennifer Wayble

     740-489-5190 ext. 1507

Open Enrollment Contact:

Lori Paden

     740-489-5190 ext. 1526

Visit the following links for more information on how to proceed with student enrollment.