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Buckeye Trail High School

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School News


March 13, 2024

DID YOU KNOW? Breakfast is free for all students at  Buckeye Trail grades PK-12! One free breakfast will be provided daily at no charge.  *This institution is an equal opportunity provider* . . .

Important Attendance Policy Reminde . . .

January 4, 2024

Good morning and welcome back! As we kick off the new semester, we would like to take a moment to emphasize the importance of attendance. Consistent attendance is a key factor in your child's academi . . .

Weekly message from Mr. Poland

September 8, 2023

Parents and Guardians at Buckeye Trail High School, Each week I will share a short review of our week activities and a brief reminder of upcoming events and happenings.   This past week, we starte . . .

  • Dear Warrior Family,

    I am so excited to start another year with you as the principal of Buckeye Trail High School. The 2023-2024 school year is going to be a year full of challenges and growth. Remember, your high school experience is what you make of it. You are in the driver’s seat, and you will decide the outcome.

    My challenge for you this school year is to know your specific pathway and where you are currently, with regards to that plan.  To do so, I ask that you constantly reflect on the following questions:

    • Which of the required twenty credits do I still need to graduate on time?
    • Am I attending school regularly and missing fewer than 5 days of school for the year?
    • How effective are my routines outside of school to get all my coursework completed?
    • Do I have the test scores to graduate? If not, what alternative will I complete?
    • Who have I chosen at home and school to talk to if I need help?
    • Will I have passed five classes to remain eligible for extra-curricular activities?
    • Do I need to recover any courses that I failed? If so, have I signed up to take them virtually?
    • Have I met with Mrs. Quinn to discuss Career training?
    • Have I met with Mrs. Forshey and completed scholarship applications?  Have I completed the FAFSA to gain financial assistance for college?
    • Am I showing compassion to others because I am unaware of what hardships they may be carrying with them on a daily basis?

    All faculty and staff at Buckeye Trail High School are excited to walk with you along your journey through high school. However, you are the captain of your ship! You should expect nothing but excellence from yourself and the work you put forth throughout your years at Buckeye Trail High School. You will control your success through the choices you make. It is true that the people you allow to enter your circle will impact your future. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with individuals who will help you be the best version of yourself and encourage you to strive for excellence.

    To all our proud parents and caregivers, I invite you to model and partner with us throughout the school year as we shape and support our young people.  Research shows that teenagers will have the greatest possibility for success if support structures are in place at home. Together, we can make this a year full of memories and growth.

    Duane A. Poland


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